E-mail: huangxiao09@gmail.com

Address: Zijing Building No.1, Room 212, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

P.C.: 100084


I am an undergraduate student of School of Software in Tsinghua University, under supervision of Associate Professor Hui Zhang. I'm now working in CG & CAD Institute, Tsinghua University.


1. Quadrilateral Meshes Segmentation: co-worker with Sen Zhang to implement some of the important features in Global Structure Optimization of Quadrilateral Meshes[PDF], and reuse these features to our GEMS projects.

2. Optimization to Triangle Remeshing: I'm now working on some of the problems left by graduated master student about remesh. To make remeshed trangles more anisotropic.


1. Social Map: a console program that could record connection between different users and save some of the information about the user.

2. Crash Ball: a simple-designed crash ball game with fantastic music and vivid images.

3. Bee Calendar: a Website that could record your route and remind you at your wanted time.

4. Simple FTP: a simple FTP that could connect remote server and download files and folders.

5. NekoTrace: an Android application that could help users make comments about cats in school and tag photos and share them in an open platform.


1. Software Design Competition: Third Award



1. Head in Department of Internal Integration of the Student Volunteer Union

2. Vice President in the Alumni Service Association of Tsinghua University

Volunteer Experience

1. Zijing Volunteer Organization Campus Guide

2. Volunteer for China Open

3. Volunteer for Presidents Summit

4. 2010 National Undergraduate Voluntary Service Forum


1. Tsinghua University Four Star Volunteer Awards