Friday, June 26 Saturday, June 27 Sunday, June 28

Friday, June 26

Conference Venue: Conference Hall of Main Building, Tsinghua University

08:30-08:40 Opening Session
08:40-09:25 Invited Talk 1: Mathieu Desbrun-----Designing Tetrahedral Meshes and Putting Them To Good Use
Session Chair: Jean-Claude Paul
9:25-10:15 Session 1: Surface Registration
Session Chair: Stefanie Hahmann
(Each paper: 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)

Optimal Rotation Alignment of 3D Objects using a GPU-based Similarity Function
Michael Martinek, Roberto Grosso

Semantics-driven Best View of 3D Shapes
Michela Mortara, Michela Spagnuolo

10:15-10:45 Photograph and Coffee Break
10:45-12:00 Session 2: Morphing and Deformations
Session Chair: Marc Alexa
(Each paper: 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)

2D Shape Morphing via Automatic Feature Matching and Hierarchical Interpolation
Wenwu Yang, Jieqing Feng

Gradient Field based Inhomogeneous Volumetric Mesh Deformation for Maxillofacial Surgery Simulation
Sheng-hui Liao, Ruo-feng Tong, Jin-xiang Dong, Fu-dong Zhu

Content-Aware Model Resizing based on Surface Deformation
Kunpeng Wang, Caiming Zhang

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-15:10 Session 3: Shape Processing
Session Chair: Shimin Hu
(Each paper: 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)

A Modified Advancing Layers Mesh Generation for Thin Three-Dimensional Objects with Variable Thickness
Young Choi, Ki-Youn Kwon, Soo-Won Chae, Dong-Min Kim

Efficient Triangle-Triangle Intersection Test for OBB-based Collision Detection
Jung-Woo Chang, Myung-Soo Kim

Mesh Simplification by Stochastic Sampling and Topological Clustering
Tamy Boubekeur, Marc Alexa

Quality Encoding for Tetrahedral Mesh Optimization
Kai Xu, Zhi-Quan Cheng, Yanzhen Wang, Yueshan Xiong, Hao Zhang

15:10-15:20 Coffee Break
15:20-16:20 Session 4
Session Chair: Young Choi
(Each paper: 10 minutes presentation + 5 minute discussion )

Mesh denoising based on differential coordinates
Zhi-Xun Su, Hui Wang, Jun-Jie Cao

An effective third-order local fitting patch and its application
Zhong Li, Brian Barsky, Xiaogang Jin

Image based modeling via plane sweep based surface growing
Bo Shu, Xianjie Qiu, Zhaoqi Wang

Automatic generation of coarse bounding cages from dense meshes
Chuhua Xian, Hongwei Lin, Shuming Gao

16:20-16:40 Coffee Break
16:40-18:10 Session 5
Session Chair: Bin Wang
(Each paper: 10 minutes presentation + 5 minute discussion )

Shape isophotic error metric controllable re-sampling for point-sampled surfaces
Yongwei Miao, Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, Renato Pajarola, M. Gopi, Jieqing Feng

A framework for the objective evaluation of segmentation algorithms using a ground-truth of human segmented 3D-models
H. Benhabiles, J-P. Vandeborre, G. Lavoue, M. Daoudi

Approximate shape matching and symmetry detection for 3D shapes with guaranteed error bounds
Shankar Krishnan, Suresh Venkatasubramanian

Interpolation over arbitrary topology meshes using Doo-Sabin surfaces
Chongyang Deng, Xunnian Yang

Detail-preserving axial deformation using curve pairs
Wen-bing Ge, Gang Xu, Kin-chuen Hui, Guo-ping Wang

Filling holes in triangular meshes by curve unfolding
Alan Brunton, Stefanie Wuhrer, Chang Shu, Prosenjit Bose, Erik D. Demaine

18:30-20:00 Conference Banquet

Saturday, June 27

Conference Venue: Conference Hall of Main Building, Tsinghua University

08:40-09:25 Invited Talk 2: Mark Pauly-----The Symmetry of Things
Session Chair: Jorg Peters
9:25-10:25 Session 6
Session Chair: Jean-Claude Leon
(Each paper: 10 minutes presentation + 5 minute discussion )

Contributing vertices-based Minkowski sum of a non-convex polyhedron without fold and a convex polyhedron
Hichem Barki, Florence Denis, Florent Dupont

Volumetric texture synthesis of bone micro-structure as a base for scaffold design
Y. Holdstein, A. Fischer, L. Podshivalov, P. Z. Bar-Yoseph

Parts-based 2D shape decomposition by convex hull
Lili Wan

On minimal orthographic view covers for polyhedra
Min Liu, Karthik Ramani

10:25-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-12:00 Session 7: Loops & Charts
Session Chair: Jean-Philippe Pernot
(Each paper: 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)

Persistence-based Handle and Tunnel Loops Computation Revisited for Speed Up
Tamal K Dey, Kuiyu Li

Geometry-Aware Domain Decomposition for T-Spline-based Manifold Modeling
Hongyu Wang, Ying He, Xin Li, Xianfeng Gu, Hong Qin

A Divide-And-Conquer Approach For Automatic Polycube Map Construction
Ying He, Hongyu Wang, Chi-Wing Fu, Hong Qin

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-15:10 Session 8: Implicit & Parametric Surfaces
Session Chair: Xunnian Yang
(Each paper: 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)

Variational Implicit Surface Meshing
Arnaud Gelas, Sebastien Valette, Remy Prost, Wieslaw L Nowinski

Modeling and 3D Object Reconstruction by Implicitly Defined Surfaces with Sharp Features
Xinghua Song, Bert Juettler

A New Construction of Smooth Surfaces from Triangle Meshes Using Parametric Pseudo-Manifolds
Marcelo Siqueira, Dianna Xu, Jean Gallier, Luis G Nonato, Dimas M Morera, Luiz Velho

Surface Reconstruction with Bivariate Simplex Splines on Delaunay Configurations
Juan Cao, Xin Li, Guozhao Wang, Hong Qin

15:10-15:20 Coffee Break
15:20-16:35 Session 9: Shape Analysis
Session Chair: Joaquim Jorge
(Each paper: 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)

Consistent Segmentation of 3D Models
Aleksey Golovinskiy, Thomas Funkhouser

Extracting a Polyhedron from a Single-View Sketch: Topological Construction of a Wireframe Sketch with Minimal Hidden Elements
Sofia Kyratzi, Nickolas Sapidis

Fourier method for large scale surface modeling and registration
Li Shen, Sungeun Kim, Andrew J Saykin

16:35-16:55 Coffee Break
16:55-17:55 Session 10
Session Chair: Jieqing Feng
(Each paper: 10 minutes presentation + 5 minute discussion )

Shape watermarking based on minimizing the quadric error metric
Ming Luo, Adrian G. Bors

Distance field transform with an adaptive iteration method
Fan Chen, Ye Zhao

Curvature normal vector driven interpolatory subdivision
Huanxi Zhao, Xia Qiu, Luming Liang, Chuan Sun, Beiji Zou

Interpolation to C1 boundary conditions by polynomial of degree six
Caiming Zhang, Feng Li, Dongmei Niu, Xingqiang Yang

18:30-20:00 Dinner

Sunday, June 28

Conference Venue: Conference Hall of Main Building, Tsinghua University

08:40-10:20 Session 11: Shape Generation & Reconstruction
Session Chair: Aleksey Golovinskiy
(Each paper: 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)

Variational Bayesian Noise Estimation of Point Sets
Mincheol Yoon, Ioannis Ivrissimtzis, Seungyong Lee

Assembling curvature continuous surfaces from triangular patches
Kestutis Karciauskas, Jorg Peters

Estimating Body Shape of Dressed Humans
Nils Hasler, Carsten Stoll, Bodo Rosenhahn, Thorsten Thormaehlen, Hans-Peter Seidel

Smooth Reverse Subdivision
Javad Sadeghi, Faramarz F Samavati

10:20-10:40 Coffee Break
10:40-11:55 Session 12
Session Chair: Seungyong Lee
(Each paper: 10 minutes presentation + 5 minute discussion )

An exact representation of polygonal objects by C1-continuous scalar fields based on binary space partitioning
Oleg Fryazinov, Alexander Pasko, Valery Adzhiev

Parameterised free-form feature templates
J-P. Pernot, F. Giannini, B. Falcidieno, J-C. Leon

Feature sensitive bas relief generation
Jens Kerber, Art Tevs, Alexander Belyaev, Rhaleb Zayer, Hans-Peter Seidel

GridMesh: fast and high quality 2D mesh generation for interactive 3D shape modeling
Andrew Nealen, Justus Pett, Marc Alexa, Takeo Igarashi

Haptic rendering using C1 continuous reconstructed distance fields
Wei Li, Youngung Shon, Sara McMains

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-14:45 Session 13: Scalar Functions
Session Chair: Hongwei Lin
(Each paper: 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)

Discrete Laplace-Beltrami Operators for Shape Analysis and Segmentation
Martin Reuter, Silvia Biasotti, Daniela Giorgi, Giuseppe Patane, Michela Spagnuolo

Dynamic Harmonic Fields for Surface Processing
Kai Xu, Hao Zhang, Daniel Cohen-Or, Yueshan Xiong

Computing Smooth Approximations of Scalar Functions with Constraints
Giuseppe Patane, Bianca Falcidieno

14:45-14:55 Coffee Break
14:55-16:10 Session 14
Session Chair: Shuming Gao
(Each paper: 10 minutes presentation + 5 minute discussion )

Canonical homotopy class representative using hyperbolic structure
Wei Zeng, Miao Jin, Feng Luo, Xianfeng Gu

Classification of non-manifold singularities from transformations of 2-manifolds
J-C. Leon, L. De Floriani, F. Hetroy

On the computation of the minimal ellipse enclosing a set of planar curves
Dan Albocher, Gershon Elber

Computing Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates in Teichmuller shape
Miao Jin, Wei Zeng, Ning Ding, Xianfeng Gu

An edge matching technique for non-planar face intersections in geometric parametric models
M. Baba-ali, D. Marcheix, X. Skapin

16:10-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-17:15 Invited Talk 3:Takeo Igarashi-----Interactive "smart" computers
Session Chair: Bianca Falcidieno
17:15-17:25 Closing Session