Yi Peng(彭艺)

My name is Jackie Pang.
I come from Chongqing and I’m a Ph.D. student with a variety of interests.
I like reading, programming and playing badminton.
See my personal page for more infomation.


  • Address: 10-408, East Main-Building of Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China, 100084
  • Mobile: +86-15901031000
  • Email: 15pengyi@gmail.com


    2010.9-present, Tsinghua University, Ph.D. Candidate of Computer Science and Technology

  • Research Area: Visualization, Image Processing, Computer Graphics
  • Publications: IEEE TIP (1), IEEE CiSE (1)

    2006.9-2010.6, Tsinghua University, B.E. of Computer Software

  • GPA: 88.3 (5%)
  • English: CET-4 (589), CET-6 (567)
  • Technology Skill: C++11, OpenGL4, OpenCL / CUDA, Python2, Javascript / Node.js, C#, JAVA, PHP

Work Experience

    2014.1–2015.4, Beijing Qiming-Hexin Technology Co., Ltd, CTO (Co-founder)

  • Team management, patent application, core algorithm implementation

    2012.6–2012.8, Shidewei Network Technology Co., Ltd, Software Engineer, Intern (full time)

  • Marketing strategy mining system, full-text search engine

    2010.6–2010.7, Beijing Le'a Technology Co., Ltd, Innovation Works, PHP Engineer, Intern

  • Website development for 3rd party platforms, automated tools


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  5. Y. Peng, L. Chen, Q. Li, Z. Zhu, J. Dong, and J.-H. Yong. Mpvr: A multi-perspective visual retrieval toolkit for multi-dimensional data. In Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry, VRCAI ’13, pages 265–274, New York, NY, USA, 2013. ACM.
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