Welcome to CG & CAD Lab

About Us

The Institute of CG&CAD is a research lab affiliated with the School of Software, Tsinghua University.

Our goal is to explore new theories, techniques, and applications of computer graphics and computer-aided design, targeting at design, manufacturing and software engineering. We are constantly improving our flagship services, with the help of graphics, computer-aided design and geometric modeling techniques. Our students are expected to be practical, innovative and knowledeable in aspects of science and technology.

Our Product


GEMS (GEometric Modeling System) is an open source system for geometric modeling of industrial quality, which is independently developed by Tsinghua University. This system of more than 30 years where seven major versions were launched, is currently the most advanced open source system for three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD). GEMS integrated modules such as drawings of graphic design, 3D design and development, product simulation, visualization and photorealistic rendering, being a comprehensive set of solutions for the development of industrial products. Contact us for detail!